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"She is a great Henna artist - who is not only fabulous at her work but also an active listener. We had a few telephonic conversations and she immediately understood what I had in mind and executed it beautifully! I also had a few elderly guests and she catered to their needs and vision and also made them feel very comfortable!"
– Suhasini Sanyal Saxton
I loved having her over and doing my henna for my wedding! She is friendly and I also had some good conversations with her while she was applying henna :) I wish her the best and highly recommend her for all your henna needs!
"I hired Avani to do the henna for my daughter's 15th birthday party with her school friends and it was a great experience. She was very punctual and professional, and she was a big hit with the teens. She did 10 girls in under two hours, very quick but also very beautiful. And her rates were very reasonable. I was a little concerned about getting henna all over the place because I remember when my daughter tried to use a henna kit she got. Yeah, there's a big difference with professionals who've been doing it for years. :-) Avani had her supply of henna in little tubes, and she used them as easily as you would a felt tip marker, and with zero mess. I would definitely recommend Avani if you need a henna artist."
– Cathy Moya
"Avani has been doing henna tattoos for our school's International Night for years. She always shows up early with a smile. Avani works quickly and efficiently so that every child at the event wanting a tattoo goes home with an elegant age-appropriate reminder of the evening!"
– Terri Buysse
"It was a great experience of having Avani design Mehndi on my hands for my Seemantham(Indian baby shower). The design was great and the color was bright red. She was a true professional who took less than 30 mins for both my hands.She has a good collection of designs for any ceremony, be it sangeet, marriage, baby shower etc. Also she is a affable personality and I had a great time talking to her."
– Swati
"Avani is wonderful henna artist, she is doing everything fast and beautiful . Thanks Avani !"
– Mariah
"I just met Avani this karwachauth through a friend,and I am glad that I did.The most important part was that her henna designs are great and the color came out great,will meet you soon for the next henna session & a lot of gossip :)"
– Shruti
"Avani is a great artist and I love all the designs she makes. Her mehndi is truly herbal and I have never had any allergic reaction to her mehndi. She has a great collection of designs and is truly professional. Her designs are very intricate and detailed like traditional mehndi. Though she also has a collection of many modern designs as well. I love to get mehndi done from her everytime and the color comes great each time. Thanks Avani."
– Preetika
"Avani was great! She is extremely talented and works fast.She was very easy to work with and very professional.Her prices are very reasonable and her designs are amazing.
I contacted her at the last minute. She was extremely flexible and was able to work within our schedule and other constraints. She came out with a big book of designs for us to choose from.

I will definitely recommend your services to anyone that is looking for a henna artist. Thanks again Avani!"
– Shobhita
"Hey Avani, Thank you so much for such beautiful henna designs. It was gorgeous and your work was outstanding.Special thanx for coming home in such a busy schedule. You are a lovely person and a true artist."
– Madhu Verma
"I will strongly recomemnd Avani to anyone considering a mehndi (small or big event) -- Avani is very thorough in her work. She is a nice person to work with and very, very flexible. She was able to come to my home on a very short notice, was quite patient with hearing all my ideas and did a lovely mehndi. I find her very dedicated and focused at work and someone who loves what she does. The mehndi color normally does not stick well to my hand. But the henna Avani used was magic. Loved the color and the pattern. Got a LOT of credit, thanks to her. She prepared the mehndi a day before, tested it on her to check for the color and brought a small spray bottle with some liquid to use after mehndi application. I think all of it helped get the best color. I also used her services for a mehndi function for my friends (about 15) and everyone loved it. Quite happy with my experience and will continue to go to her for any future mehndi requirements."
– Harini
"Avani did a great job at our school carnival, managed the crowds very efficiently, and the PTA board members were very happy! I would recommend her to people that I know."
– Sona Nath
"I know Avani for many years, she is a very nice, intellectual and talented person. Avani is fantastic!! She is an extraordinary henna artist, a superb professional and definitely a master of her trade. She is amazing when comes to managing many, many people who want to be adorned with her incredibly beautiful henna artwork. And her work really is “art”. She works quickly and precisely and creates everything freehand while adding her own unique artistic flair. Every year during the festive season, I get my henna work done by Avani only, and every time I receive so many compliments about the design and people love it. I really appreciate her as a person and her work."
– Sunita Khowal
"Hey Avani! Just been remembering the mehndi you did on my hands Last year on karva chauth. Everyone loved it so much, especially me! The colour was so dark, near to black almost, I was amazed! The traditional and intricate design was absolutely beautiful . When it finally faded away I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Just want to say thank you so much all over again!"
– Sukirti Soni
"Thanks Avani for the lovely mehendi, for your wonderful company and for making this karva chauth even more special with your awesome henna touch :) LOVED your designs....definitely recommending you to everyone I know :)"
– Anubha Mahajan
"As people say, its best when a person makes her hobby, her profession. I would like to endorse henna artwork of Avani, a henna artist, a good dancer, a friend and above all, a beautiful person. A picture is better than thousand words so I want to share her work which I still remember and recall event today the beautiful artwork and the smell of henna on my hands."
– Neelam Rakesh

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